Paranormal At The Dunnlora Inn

        Yes, it is true, the Dunnlora Inn has permanent guests! Since renovating the Inn numerous people have experienced some type of unexplained occurrences. Contractors who have been working on the house have had their fair share of experiences, one of the contractors will not come into the house by himself. Some of the occurrences we have had are sounds of walking upstairs when everyone is downstairs, shadow figures, disembodied voices of a woman, man, and children, doors closing by themselves, sounds of moving furniture, having objects moved to different locations and even a ghost cat! We have had Scott Porter from the Travel Channels hit show Haunted Towns & Haunted Live and Stephanie Burke from TLC's Kindred Spirits come investigate. Scott has said that he had one of his best experiences here at the Inn. We have had multiple paranormal investigations at the Inn and most of the time you will capture some type of unexplained paranormal activity. If you would like to come investigate the Inn grab some friends and come see for yourself!


When nobody was at the Inn, a team of investigators took this picture from outside. (Lady in the window looking out of the Williamsburg Room)


During an investigation someone caught in the mirror what looks to be the backside of a woman in the corner. (Williamsburg Room)